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A Journey Through a FinTech Incubator – Part 1


Hi readers.

As some of you know, we at abroaden recently started in Batch 1 of the F10 FinTech Incubator here in Barcelona.

For us, getting into an incubator is a big deal.

Getting into one as prestigious as F10 is enormous.

We honestly couldn’t be more excited.

As part of the journey, Clemens from the excellent Barcinno tech and startup newsletter is letting us blog our experience.

Each month, we’ll be updating our ride through the program, giving readers a first-hand view from the inside.

It’s written by me, which is neat.

As you might have figured, I kind of like writing (here’s a secret: I’ve been the one-man content writer here on abroaden insights. I truly appreciate all of you who take time to read what I write. It gives me great joy to enlighten and entertain you).

Right. Enough humble bragging.

Here’s our first installment in the series: what it’s like getting ready to go into an incubator.


— Elliott, CEO and co-founder of abroaden.

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