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Just because living abroad can be stressful, doesn’t mean understanding the economy should be.

WTF is going on with the Economy?! x abroaden weekly insights has everything you need to know about the global economy, regardless of where you call home.

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What people are saying

“I look forward to receiving the newsletter every Tuesday; it makes my day brighter”
— Anne; British remote worker in Barcelona

“WTF is going on with the Economy x abroaden makes complicated economic concepts really easy to understand!”
— Jean-Pierre; French expat in Madrid

“Whenever the exchange rate is going crazy, I know that WTF is going on with the Economy?! x abroaden will give me the reason why, without all of the technical finance jargon.”
— Samira, German remote worker in Amsterdam

“Every expat that cares about their finances and the economy should be reading this newsletter, no question.”
— Jonathan; British expat in Barcelona

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