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The million-dollar problem keeping people abroad up at night.


In many ways, being a person abroad is priceless.

The experiences you gain from living borderless, working in different cultures and locales, and experiencing daily life outside your comfort zone are invaluable.

You’ve solved most of the equation. You quickly adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, and byzantine paperwork hardly phases you. 

You are the opposite of “lost in translation.

Yet there’s one piece of the puzzle that you can’t figure out. 

The question is so perplexing, it keeps you up at night.

How do people living abroad invest and manage their money? 

Like everyone, expats, digital nomads, and remote workers know how critical it is to save and invest in our future. 

Unlike everyone else, expats, digital nomads, and remote workers lack a clear answer to this nagging question.

In starting this project, we quickly found out that a lot of the stress comes from lacking the tools to solve this problem.  

It’s not that people do not want to make investments; it’s that they lack the knowledge to do so with confidence.  

In addition to our financial advice and investment management platform for people abroad, we’re on a mission to educate. 

Knowing how investing, finance, and economics works empowers people to not only make better financial decisions but also better understand the world around us. 

We are creating educational content on these topics to do just that. While we speak mainly to a global audience, we also try hard to make our message clear to anyone, regardless of where they live. 

With that in mind, please let us know what you’re curious about.   We want to help you find an answer. We’re just as curious as you are. Contact us at news@abroaden.co or on twitter @abroadenCo.   

We hope that our work together will help you find the answers to your investment questions, giving you that good night of sleep you deserve.

Thank you again. 

— Elliott

Founder of abroaden.

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Abroaden is a company for expats, digital nomads and other world citizens looking for low-cost and transparent financial advice and investment management.

Note that this article is for information and educational purposes only. It does not constitute financial advice. 

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